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Varley electric Vehicles.

A division of the Varley Group introduces Australia’s first range of Solar Electric vehicles, Golf Carts, people movers and resort vehicles.

Varley are the exclusive importers and distributors of EMC vehicles and have recently become the first Australian company to offer a range of Solar charged electric golf carts, security vehicles, laundry hospitality, housekeeping and electric buses.    

After several years of product development and real world field testing Varley Electric Vehicles are offering the range of electric vehicles as part of a mainstream product line-up, not as an experimental vehicle range.  

Using an innovative ‘active charging process’, EMC’s solar vehicles offer a incredible increase in range, use less mains-power at charging time and offer an increased battery life. The vehicles are super economical to run and to maintain.  

How does this work?  

Energy Collection – Active charging

All solar powered vehicles rely on both solar and battery energy to maintain a steady flow of electricity.  

EMC’s solar charged vehicles are built with integrated or roof-mounted solar panels which collect solar energy whenever the vehicle is in the sunshine and stores it for when the sky is overcast.  

This energy is used to actively and continuously charge the vehicles ‘Trojan’ batteries. Continuous charging prevents the batteries from sulphating and limits the sulphur build-up which is the main cause of battery failure.  

Energy Recycling

Along with the active charging which maintains a constant and reliable electricity flow, EMC’s solar vehicles use ‘regenerative braking’ technology to reduce the overall level of energy required by the vehicle.  

This technology captures the energy usually lost in the braking process in conventional vehicles, and recycles it back into the cells of the batteries to recharge them.   

EMC solar charged vehicles do not need to be mains charged as often, or for as long as conventional electric vehicles. When a mains charge is required, the vehicle is charged using a small, lightweight charger that is integrated in to the vehicle so it's simply a matter of plugging the vehicle in to any normal 10 amp power outlet. 


(Note: larger EMC solar electric vehicles use an off board charging system)


About EMC

With this deal struck, EMC is in a strong position to provide a wide range of both solar and electric vehicles to the marketplace to corporations, government departments and industry and private golfers.  


Whilst excited to offer solar charged vehicles, EMC also offers a wide range of conventionally charged special purpose electric vehicles. EMC has an impressive customer list including government and corporates, BHP Billiton, Australian Customs Service, NSW Prisons, Maritime Defence,  Brisbane International Airport, the Victorian Police Department, NSW Prisons, Royal Flying Doctors, Airlines and major Shopping Centres including Westfield’s.  


EMC laundry & maintenance vehicles, utility vehicles, catering & beverage vehicles are used across Australia in the hospitality industry, factories, building sites, resorts, theme parks and airports.  


A wide range of solar charged vehicles is now available to the market. The current range of conventional electric vehicles including utilities, pantecs, vans, people movers, resort vehicles can be ordered with conventional charging or solar technology. 


For more information call Varley Electric vehicles 02 3348 8000 or see

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