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Come and ride in an EMC golf buggy at Central Coast Holden!

Come and ride in an EMC golf buggy at Central Coast Holden!

We've all seen them on lifestyle and travel shows; holiday-makers trawling around island resorts in specially modified golf buggies. These cute little vehicles are invaluably practical and, more importantly, a safer option in most locations. They are relatively small, easy to get in and out of, extremely quiet…and so fun to ride in!

Whilst an ideal and fun form of transport on a holiday getaway,golf buggies are in much wider use than you may realise. Overseas in Europe and the USA and often within gated communities and quiet suburban areas, there is even a special registration category that allows them to be driven on low speed roads, just like a small car.

In Australia, most state and territory Transport Authorities have a special ‘Conditional Registration’ category, which allows this type of low speed vehicle to be registered and driven on some roads. In fact, there are literally thousands of these brilliant machines in operation throughout Australia; and not just in resorts – you’ll find them at airports, in shopping centre car parks, parks and gardens, factories, shipyards and Naval bases, Police academies, detention centres, prisons, vineyards and farms. There are even golf cart-based hearse vehicles utilised in cemeteries and crematoriums.

These golf cart-style electric vehicles are used to transport both people and also a diverse array of equipment and instruments. Golf cart utility vehicles can be found hard at work on many mine sites, which transport people, equipment and documents throughout the enormous sites with maximum efficiency. Alternatively, when a major rock concert, festival, opera in the park or market event is being setup, you'll often see numerous golf carts cruising around, helping carry equipment and goods, transporting VIPs and restocking food throughout the event. Security companies also find golf carts to be the ideal vehicle to patrol many areas, due to their quiet, efficient and manoeuvrable qualities. Furthermore, flower, food and fish markets all utilise low speed golf carts to guarantee that perishable good are handled as efficiently and safely as possible, and to ensure maximum freshness.

So where do all these special purpose electric vehicles come from? Where are the hundreds of thousands of vehicles in use around the world actually sourced? After all, you don't see golf cart dealerships on every corner…

You may be surprised to learn that one of Australia's largest distributors of golf carts, golf cart based utilities, people movers, industrial carriers and customised electric vehicles is based locally in Gosford NSW.

Varley Electric Vehicles, part of the renowned Varley Group, is headquartered in West Gosford and is the exclusive Australian distributor of EMC Electric Vehicles. Furthermore, Varley also manufacture a complementary range of special purpose electric vehicles in addition to the EMC vehicles, which includes electric tugs and a variety of industrial burden carriers in their facility at Tomago, just north of Newcastle.

As a result, when the General Manager of Central Coast Holden, Chris Craig, found that his team had a problem moving customers around the dealership during renovations, he called upon local experts Varley Electric Vehicles for a solution. Luc Botton, the General  Manager of Varley Electric Vehicles, solved Mr Craig’s conundrum with a 4 seat EMC electric vehicle model known as an ‘LSV’ (the acronym stands for ‘low speed vehicle’).

Ideal for Mr Craig’s task at hand, the EMC LSV including automotive style 3 point seatbelts, automotive style high/low beam headlights, safety glass windscreen with electric wiper and washer, indicators, smooth regenerative braking and even cup holders, can transport customers between CCH’s car park, service depot, showroom and temporary construction areas with maximum safety, reliability and comfort.

Contact Varley Electric Vehicles to find out more about the various electric vehicle options that suit your specific need, or you can even visit Central Coast Holden today and take a ride in their EMC LSV to experience the impressive qualities of an EMC electric vehicle yourself!

Varley Electric Vehicles: (02) 4348 8000 or  

Central Coast Holden:  General Manger, Chris Craig: 0410 465 400 

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